Thursday, November 19, 2009

LA River Ride

For all those that are eco-friendly cyclists - we have a ride for you!!!!

We are having a ride December 6th with Alex Kenefick. He is an expert on the water issues for the lower basin of the LA river is on the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council

Meet at Watts 103rd Street Blue Line Station

12:30 PM-4:00 PM
Contents of the preferred, four-hour version:
· Headwaters of Compton Creek
· Central Avenue CRA riverwalk concept
· Imperial/Central
· Carver Park
· Washington ES
· Municipal Bike Trail (existing)
· Compton SH Outdoor Classroom

· Cliff’s Texas Style tacos—creekside snack
· Richland Farms Equestrian Neighborhood
· Gateway Center Gap Area
· County Bike Trail (existing)
· Confluence with LA River Gap Area
· Dominguez Gap Parkland on LA River

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jeff Mapes, Author of "Pedaling Revolution" to speak in Long Beach

Cyclo-Intelligencia de Long Beach,

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the visit of Jeff Mapes, author of Pedaling Revolution, to Long Beach November 19, 2009. Mr. Mapes is a senior political reporter for The Oregonian Newspaper in Portland, OR. and has written an excellent book about how cyclists are changing American cities. His book puts efforts in Long Beach to become a great city for cycling in perspective nationally and forecasts what is to come here.

We have scheduled three speaking engagements for Mr. Mapes on Nov. 19. All are open to the public without charge.

Please help us distribute this information so all are informed of this opportunity.

Professional Focus 12-1:30pm
Studio One Eleven
111 West Ocean Blvd., 20th Floor

Bring your own brown bag lunch and enjoy an overview from a professional, practitioner perspective of cycling in American cities and how Long Beach is measuring up to its goal of becoming the best bike city in America.

Mid Afternoon:
Academic Focus 2:30-3:30pm
Cal. State Univ. Long Beach
University Bookstore

Mr. Mapes will present an overview then lead a lively discussion of social/political change in America and how cyclists are actively engaged in reshaping American cities.

Community Focus 6:00-8:00pm
Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 East Ocean Blvd.

Mr. Mapes will address key findings of his research related to cycling in America, forecast upcoming innovations, and report on political/economic trends that support cycling as a viable, attractive transportation option.

Charles Gandy
City of Long Beach
Mobility Coordinator

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week of Welcome

CSULB CYCLISTS - We be on the quad Wednesday and Thursday - September 9th and 10th.
Please come and visit us

Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily Forty Niner

The New Bike lanes on Atherton were mentioned in the Daily 49er this week!! Apparently students didn't notice that they had recently been implemented and have recieved a slough of tickets.

Check out the article at:!/Summer49er_7-16-09.pdf

Also the 49er has another article about traffic from last January which you may want to read:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art walk - Colorado Lagoon

FOCLers, come and join in the fun at the Lagoon on July 18 from 5pm till 10pm. Live music, Refreshments, Live artists, Activities for the kids etc.
See attached flyer or check it out on the website below.
Hope to see you there,

Friends of Colorado Lagoon
A Coalition of Concerned citizens Working to Preserve and Restore Colorado Lagoon

Bike Valet - needs your help

Hi All,

As most of you local residents know, we offer a Bike Valet service for Long Beach events and businesses. Recently, we have had an out-poor of gigs head our way which soon may result in an exhausted volunteer crew of valet parkers! In an effort to relieve the "burn out" effect and to get more local cyclists involved with our organization, I am asking if anyone has some extra time to help us. Bike Valet has become a successful profit making service for Long Beach Cyclists; the goal is to raise money for our 501 (c) (3) non-profit filing. If you feel you can spare even two hours of your time for the upcoming events, please let me know! The times and dates are listed below. If you can, please specify whether you can volunteer for morning, afternoon, or evening (where applicable).

August 21st
(exact time and location details to follow)

August 25th
Rainbow Harbor (between PF Changs and Gladstones)
1pm - 7pm

August 29th
12pm to 12 midnight (night owls, we need you!)
(exact time and location details to follow)

Please ask any questions you have about valet or any aspect of our organization!

Thank you for you continued support!

Bernadette McKeever
Long Beach Cyclists/Bike Valet Coordinator
(562) 714-8120

Long Beach Cyclists promote cycling as a fun, valued and sustainable transportation choice in Long Beach through community, advocacy and education.

Farmers Market Ride Begins this SUNDAY - 7/19

Farmers Market Ride Begins this SUNDAY - 7/12

Ride will have 3 great stops- Bike Station, Portfolio, and Jones's Bike Station.

We will leave at Bike Station at about 9:10 (On Braodway near Pine)
We will then travel to Portfolio Coffee house and will leave at about 9:25 (Corner of 4th and Junipero) Next we will travel to Jones's Bike SHOP and will leave about 9:45 (2nd st and Pomona)

From there we will travel to the Farmers Market!!!

This ride will continue until the end of September!!!

Long Beach Cyclists promote cycling as a fun, valued and sustainable transportation choice in Long Beach through community, advocacy and education.
Please read our blog:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Farmers Market Ride - Begins 7/12

Farmers Market Ride Begins this SUNDAY - 7/12

Ride will have 3 great stops- Bike Station, Portfolio, and Jones's Bike Station.

We will leave at Bike Station at about 9:10 (On Braodway near Pine)
We will then travel to Portfolio Coffee house and will leave at about 9:25 (Corner of 4th and Junipero) Next we will travel to Jones's Bike SHOP and will leave about 9:45 (2nd st and Pomona)

From there we will travel to the Farmers Market!!!

This ride will continue until the end of September!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

new 'sharrows' in belmont shore

Hello CSU Long Beach Cyclists!
We want to urge all members and friends of cycling to come out on this Saturday the 27th of June to experience the latest high profile improvement in bicycle facilities in Long Beach for quite some time.

The shared lane markings, or 'Sharrows' will be unveiled at 10:00 am at Polly's Gourmet Coffee located at 4606 E. 2nd Street. Ride in the lane, like we have a right to, and see the Sharrows announce to all roadway users that we are riding where we belong, Bikes Belong!

Come celebrate, spend some money and show merchants how happy we are to shop where we are respected and valued as normal people using our bikes to enjoy where we live, work and play.

The Long Beach Cyclists played an important roll in helping to make sure that this lane marking was placed correctly and will be effective in helping cyclists to be recognized as legitimate users of our roads and streets.

Additionaly, we have also helped to document use patterns before the markings were applied so that later we can determine the effects on encouraging motorist and cyclist safe driving behaviors. Long Beach Cyclists are working with the City of Long Beach to help it achieve the goal of being the most bicycle friendly place in North America.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CAR-FREE FRIDAYS!!! (1st fri of every month)

i know we don't need an excuse to get on our bikes
but some odd people out there do.
so the city's come up with this deal called Car-Free Fridays.
basically what happens is you ride your bike to one of these restaurant destinations and you get a discount (up to 20% off). how cool is that? perty cool, i know.

here's a list of the places to check out and what they offer:
at last café (15% off)
bouchee's bistro (free mixed green salad w/$5+ purchase)
buono's authentic pizzeria (15% off, including alcohol)
california pizza kitchen (20% off*)
cisco's burgers (15% off*)
creama café (15% off*)
george's greek café (10% off*)
gladstone's (15% off*)
ice cream & yogurt on the boardwalk ($1 off $4+ purchase)
it's a grind (free 16oz coffee w/grilled panini)
johnny rocket's (20% off*)
pizza pi (20% off*)
springbok bar & grill (lunch specials $9 - $10)
the funnel house ($1 off $4+ purchase)
utopia restaurant (20% off*)
*not including alcohol

new restaurants will be added to the list as they hop onto the bandwagon. so check out for the most current list and updated discount information.

do you know a place that offers discounts for cyclists already and didn't need any special prodding? mention them in comments to this blog. or eMail us ( so we can mention them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Article

You can read about the state of cycling in Long Beach in a new article in "The District." It even includes a quote from the Godfather himself, Kevin Flaherty.

Check it out:
The District: "Flat Tired"

Bike Sale

There's going to be a garage sale for bikes on Saturday, June 13th.

Here's the details:

Bike Garage Sale
2404 2nd St.
June 13th

Come by with any bike stuff you are interested in selling/swapping

Soul Motion, Downtown, June 28th 4 - 10pm

FREE BIKE valet/parking courtesy LB & CSULB Cyclists!!! oh yes, i've seen it.

this is a free outdoor concert to be held downtown Long Beach at the intersection of Pine Ave & Broadway on Sunday, June 28th between the hours of 4pm and 10pm.
check out the link SAM
fingerprints, schooled by song, the dlba and the rda are helping make this happen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

tour des artistes (june 13)

well well well
the semester's just about over, good luck on all your finals.
but i'd like to let people know we'd be happy to post some things going on during the summer.
if you know of some events that'd be fun to pedal to, let us know. it may make it up here.
depends on who and how often eMail is checked []

on that note,
hosted in the east village arts district (they're really trying to be artsy)
is the annual TOUR DES ARTISTES,
happening Saturday, June 13th 4 - 10pm (1600 - 2200).
there shall be live music, exhibitions, panel discussions, dining and various other forms of entertainment.
music will be from the likes of Thinking Aloud, Deep Sea Diver, Summer Darling, Eugene & the 1914, Ryan Bradley Affair, and others.
this is all going on Broadway & Long Beach Blvd.
it's FREE, and the eMail says there will be bike parking.

here's the official word:
-Tour Des Artistes is an annual arts and music event comprised of local and regional artists of all disciplines. This year’s event will include a large outdoor festival in the East Village Arts district along with a multitude of indoor engagements, live installation art competition, gallery exhibitions, museum tours and intimate concerts.
-This outdoor festival features a live music main stage, live art, performances, beer garden and much more.
-Phantom Galleries LA is a Los Angeles County based organization that transforms vacant storefronts into public art galleries.
-A VIP double-decker bus will guide participants through a tour of local museums including the Museum of Latin American Art and the Long Beach Museum of Art.
-The Art Box Competition provides four artists a given framework and time limit to create a 3D installation to be judged by a panel of Fine Art Professors and Curators.
-Surrounding locations offering live music, exhibitions, panel discussions, dining and entertainment.

Saturday, June 13, 2009
                            4:00pm - 10:00pm
                            After Party Events at Ice Bar, The Cellar and Club 149
                            10:00pm - 2:00am

Major Sponsors include Downtown Long Beach Associates, Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, East Village Arts District, Inc.
Partners include OC Weekly, 944 Magazine, Phantom Galleries LA, The District Weekly, The Pike at Rainbow Harbor

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gold Sprints Pictures

read all about it:

well, we had another brilliantly fantastic run of gold sprints at the nugget bar & grill on campus last thursday [7 may 09].
damn near 100 people in all just for us.
30 or so competitors.
and we kicked the clippers game off the main screen!
not to mention we set a record that night for fastest time on the rollers to-date!!!
i can't recall the guy's name. but if you do, leave a comment for recognition.

here's to looking forward to next semester's sprints.
and here's a slide show of pictures i took all the while.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Bike Surveys- We need you!!!

We will be conducting Bike counts on the CSULB campus on Tuesday the 12th. We need counters for two hour window- 7:00am - 9:00am, 9:00am- 11:00am, and 4:00pm- 6:00pm.

All volunteers will be entered to win a $50 cafe piccolo gift certificate.
Cafe Piccolo is owned and run by an avid cyclist and alumni.

First 18 people that volunteer get a $10 in beach bucks!!

Please contact Allyson Clark at - 562-682-3895

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traffic Skills 101

Please sign up for traffic skills 101. The next class will be held on 5/20, 6 PM in the Pyramid Annex, 5/30 for the riding portion.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting Minutes - 5/4/2009

-Gold Sprints; 5/7, 6 PM in the Nugget
-Bike Checks in the Quad; 5/13, 11 AM (looking for a mechanic)
-Bike to Work Day; 5/14, 7-11 AM
--Pit Stops with free stuff:
---Maxson Plaza by Brotman Hall
---Palo Verde in front of the police station
-Traffic Skills 101; 5/20, 6 PM in the Pyramid Annex, 5/30 for the riding portion
-Officer Elections
--Chair: Allyson
--Member at Large: Sasha
--Andy will fill any other necessary spots
-Great Western Bike Rally; May 22-25 in Paso Robles, CA
--Potential ride there/back
-Sustainability Conference; June 21-24, Santa Barbara
--Riding there, leaving on 6/18
-Sumi Gant introduced Long Beach's new Mobility Coordinator Charlie Gandy
--He mentioned the Thunderhead Alliance, which could be a good resource
-Elissa announced the Atherton bike path would go in this summer, from the traffic circle to the San Gabriel Bikeway
-Elissa distributed certificates of recognition for the efforts of Kevin, Travis, Allyson and Sumi
-There is another Better Biking column in the Union. Check it out.

Meeting - USU Room 303 -1:00- 2:00

Meeting will dicuss
1. Bike Adovocate, Bernie Hernandez from Boeing
2. Elections
3. Allyson Clark's role as a consultant
4. Any volunteers for all-campus bike-counts & surveys to identify "hot-spots"?
5. Calendar of Events for 2009-2010:

Bike to Work Day - Thursday May 14th

Bike to Work Day - Thursday, May 14th
There are 3 locations for Bike to Work Day.
Each pit stop will have free beverages and snacks for cyclists participating!!! Also there will be raffles and giveaways.

CSULB - Palo Verde Ave - In front of University Police Station - 6:00am - 9:00am

Belmont Shore Pier - 7:00 am - 11:00 am

CSULB - Brotman Hall - 7:00am - 11:00 am

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bike-In Movie Nights (an update)

the scheduling with the Art theater hasn't worked out exactly as planned..
so, instead of a 7pm showing as those awesome and colorful flyers say
it'll be a 5:45 showing.
so please, please, please spread the word of change:
instead of a 7pm show..
it's a late afternoon/early evening 5:45pm showing.

and, to entice you, the film playing is "Paris '36"
check it out at the Art's website.

please stay tuned for the next instalment of Bike-In Movie Nights coming up June 6th.

so far's i know, there's still a free small popcorn waiting for those who ride their bikes to the theater.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

GOLD SPRINTS!! once again

we're partnering up with LBC Sprints
and the Nugget Grill & Pub
to bring the leg-busting GOLD SPRINTS back on campus.

when: THURS, May 7th @ 6pm
where: Nugget Grill & Pub on CSULB campus
how much: $5
who: students and non-students alike

be sure to get there early to register
soz we can start at 6p sharp
we've some awesome prizes this time around, too
especially ifn you're a student.
so come one, come all
and prove you're the fastest!
..this time around anyway


Thursday, April 23, 2009

up to 25% off* on FRI, APR 24th

last 'flippin' minute i know..
BUT! up to 25% off* at participating restaurants for those who ride their bike(s) there? that's good news.

so yea, the rigamarol:
in celebration of earth WEEK
some downtown restaurants are giving bicycles a FEW HOURS
between 11am and 2pm
head out to one, or all, of these eateries;
-la traviata
-bouchee's bistro
-at last café
-creama café
-sura's tofu & korean bbq


i, personally, have not been to most of these places..
but modica's is good eats. as is Bouchee's.
and in both of those situations you'll be able to see your bike while you eat.
maybe this is a chance to test out how 'bike friendly' wokcano is? ...

let us know if you've tried to capitalize on this experience, please.
celebrate the earth, drive your bike instead of a car!

*oh yea, the asterisk: not all places are offering the same discount, and i'm not sure which restaurant is discounting how much of a percentage. but i was told "up to 25%"

Monday, April 20, 2009

4/20 Meeting Minutes

Here's the minutes from the meeting we had today.

Earth Week
-Fuel movie event on Thursday, 4/23 at the art theater(time coming)
-Bike table/check tomorrow, 4/21
-FOCL Party at Colorado Lagoon 4/24-25

Other Events
-Bike Checks in the Quad, 5/13
-Bike To Work Day, 5/15
-Final meeting, 5/4
-Gold Sprints in the Nugget, 5/7, 6 PM
-Bike-In Movie, 5/2
-Traffic Skills 101, 5/20, 5/30

-Finances in desperate shape--we need to come up with at least $16
-We are applying for office space--TPS Reports to follow
-My first article appeared in the Union school paper this week


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

March 23rd Monthly Ride's Meeting

Please come to comment on the Race Team's final mark up.

April 5th's Sustainability Cruise is one week away, please help us usher in the beginning of Spring.

Monday March 23rd meeting Usu 303 1:00pm.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sustainability Cruise

After several weeks of discussion amongst all those involved, CSULB Cyclists and Friends of Colorado Lagoon (FoCL) are ecstatic to announce our next monthly ride, the Sustainability Cruise.

Join us as we visit a number of wetlands sites around Long Beach to hear experts talk about land use issues and how you can help. This short ride will give you an insiders look at a world which is fast disappearing.

With luck maybe you will catch a glimpse of a snowy egret or woolly mammoth!

When: The morning of April 5th at 10:00am
Where: Colorado Lagoon

Rideshare supports Traffic Skills 101

Campus Rideshare will be hosting Traffic Skills 101 on the 18th of March and every third Wednesday from now on. The class is free for all to attend and will be held between 6-9pm at the Pyramid Annex.

Race Team

We are happy to announce the first official Race Team Meeting. Please join us in University Student Union room 303 on the 16th of March at 12:30.

See you there.

Monday, March 9, 2009

CSULB Cyclists Meeting Minutes: March 9, 2009

-Flier for Traffic Skills 101
-Should note that it is not meant for experienced/committed cyclists exclusively; beginners and even drivers can benefit
-Should be noted that the first course is free—very important
-Bike sharing program will spread from CSULB to all of Long Beach (
-Race Team—How do we proceed?
-Set up e-mail and website
-Financial obligation from prospective members to cement commitment
-We need to get some committed leaders
-We could talk to UCI team or Triathlon team?
-Potential large format banners on campus
-Focus on posters as opposed to fliers—more efficient?
-Get more money—Talk to Troutner
-Bike tips in the Union—Andy will take lead

Keith Cairnes – Traffic Safety, Sgt. University PD
Alejandro Mendoza – University PD, interested in locks (1000?)
Greg Cutler
Phillip Nguyen
Tom Obrien


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bike Tips in the Union (newspaper)

I am in the early stages of getting a weekly spot in the Union (our other school newspaper) devoted to cycling tips. One example is to ask people not to ride on sidewalks. Another one is to offer suggestions on locking up bikes. Locking up one quick release wheel is not good practice.
This is not guaranteed by any means, but everyone could start thinking of some brief tips to print.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 23rd Meeting Minutes

Here's the minutes from our meeting on Monday. It was a great meeting, but we still have a lot to do and figure out. Please forgive the formatting.

CSULB Cyclists Meeting Minutes: February 23, 2009

Web site discussion (need “clean” website to distribute through school)
Encouraged faculty cyclists to get involved
Sue Brown was mentioned as being in charge of bike lane creation on campus
Connect LA River to San Gabriel
Atherton lanes to be completed by Fall ‘09
Directed to UCI’s website to see their system
Claims bicycle-only (Class-1) paths are coming
Kevin stressed the need to make our voices heard
There are good and bad bicycle facilities, and we want to ensure we get the good ones
We have to get involved in the decision making
Outreach is needed
Smart Cycling
Rules and Responsibilities card
Traffic Skills 101 coming to campus; next class is March 18th
Bike lane Classification
Class-1: Bicycle only path
Class-2: Bicycle lane painted on street
Class-3: A standard street
Race Team
El Dorado Park—Tuesday 4:30 PM
Need young members to keep it going
Sumi Gant – Guest speaker from City of Long Beach planning
I believe her contact is
Make Long Beach “the most bike friendly city in the country”
Race coming up in downtown Long Beach
Bike Station
Bike Racks
Striping and signage
Bike valet
LA River
Power and Electric right-of-way path
Protected bike lanes
Bike Boulevards
Master Plan needs work
Kevin’s Presentation
We need to be at the conception point and create an Advisory Committee
Our platform
Routes people take to school
Orange county (death-trap)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monthly Ride Series:Scavenger Hunt

Smashing Success. Two teams tied.
Come out for the Sustainability Ride Next Month.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Race Team added to Monday's Agenda

This Week and next we will be in meetings to discuss the process for creating a competitive team at CSULB.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who might be interested in participating. Students and non-students are welcome! You can join Beach Cycling to train or compete, the choice is yours!

To start the team a petition will be circulated and officers will need to be signed up and certified.

You may join the discussion at the Meeting on Monday February 23rd in USU 307 between 1:00pm and 2:30 or you can make comments below!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meeting Monday February 23 1:00pm

We will be having a meeting this coming Monday the 23rd in USU 307 between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. We will be discussing various bicycle issues on campus.

On the agenda will be the creation of a Bicycle Master Plan at CSULB, funding and grant writing, the creation of a cycling team on campus, flyer creation, event planning and ride coordination.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

with a vengeance.

some, it would seem, say today's beards are a trend..
dunno about that,
i grew up with a Dad who always sported facial hair
as did his brothers (my Uncles) and his Dad (my Opa)
here's a goofy article a fellow bearded friend shared with me about beards:

MSNBC on beards

for shits n giggles

SAT, FEB 14th - Tea for Two!!!

a pleasing ride for couples mostly.
but also anyone who wants to tag along!

riders leave from bikestation downtown at 11 in the am
and head over to Polly's gourmet coffee house
we'll hang around there for a bit then take off at 11:20 (also in the am)
with a final destination in seal beach!
stopping in front of the historic trolley car on electric ave across from the fairy tea cottage

bring a camping stove if you've got one (gotta heat up the wawa)
and tea cups (hot water doesn't go well in the hands)

for more info head over the the LBcyclists blog and check it out.


hope to see you there!
the fun folks of the

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb 22nd 6pm Scavenger Hunt Ride

Meet at It's a grind on Broadway and Pine. This is the 17th annual scavenger hunt event. Ride will be roughly 6- 7 miles long. Ride will showcase some of the local downtown favorites. Prizes will be awarded!!!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

TUBULAR special @ Bikestation

buy 4 tubes, get the 5th free.
that's a whopping 5 tubes for $20.

only for 700x23/25 tubes!

while supplies last.
so get 'em n get 'em now!!!

but where's bikestation? [find it here]

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sergio's Ride - Wed's night - 9:30pm

Beginning February 11th
This ride will begin at 9:30pm and will start at the front of the pyramid. Route is usually 5-7 miles. Bring your fixed, road, mountain, anything with wheels and pedals.
Always a new route and maybe some tacos too!!! So join the bike congo!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

General meeting

Long Beach Cyclists will be holding its next General Meeting on Wednesday, February 4th at 7:17pm ot Polly's Gourmet Coffee. Polly's is located at 4606 E 2nd St Long Beach, CA 90803.

We will be forming a lot of groups to work on projects, so if you're looking to get involved, this would be a great meeting to attend.

Some of the items on the agenda will include:

Policy Committee activities
Idea generation over the Bike-In Movie, Bike to Work Day and more...

Bicycle Swap Meet! at Kings in Seal Beach

FEB 1st, in this the year two-thousand and nine
from 8.00am all the way to 12.00pm
that's four hours of bicycle swap meet goodness.
and awesomely, as you'll see in the flyer, admission's FREE!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ride on 25th of Jan at 6pm

The the 25th we will be having our TOP of the WORLD RIDE. Yes this is perfect for conditioning on the hills. This is ride starts at 6pm the Bluff Park on Ocean and Junipero and will turn around at the top of Signal Hill. This will be a hard climb but smooth coast down.. All you got to do is make it up to the top!!! This ride will start at 6pm. Make sure to bring your lights.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gold Sprints at the Nugget!!!

this just in:
EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! read all about it!
jan 26th - 30th is welcome week on campus
and to help out with the festivities
CSULB Cyclists are sponsoring a fantastically brilliant event,

so on THURSDAY, JAN 29th at 6pm

GoldSprints Spring'09

come on over and ride, ride, ride
LBCsprints is always on a search for the fastest legs in long beach
$5 a piece to sign up
delicious PRIZES for winners

if you don't know where the Nugget is..
here's the address: 468 W Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813
AND! check out the link under the 'links' section of this post called 'Campus Map'
it's in section E5, the building marked 'cafe'
center campus, west side.

the Nugget
Campus Map

a video for your enjoyment:

Untitled from Joe W. on Vimeo.