Thursday, April 23, 2009

up to 25% off* on FRI, APR 24th

last 'flippin' minute i know..
BUT! up to 25% off* at participating restaurants for those who ride their bike(s) there? that's good news.

so yea, the rigamarol:
in celebration of earth WEEK
some downtown restaurants are giving bicycles a FEW HOURS
between 11am and 2pm
head out to one, or all, of these eateries;
-la traviata
-bouchee's bistro
-at last café
-creama café
-sura's tofu & korean bbq


i, personally, have not been to most of these places..
but modica's is good eats. as is Bouchee's.
and in both of those situations you'll be able to see your bike while you eat.
maybe this is a chance to test out how 'bike friendly' wokcano is? ...

let us know if you've tried to capitalize on this experience, please.
celebrate the earth, drive your bike instead of a car!

*oh yea, the asterisk: not all places are offering the same discount, and i'm not sure which restaurant is discounting how much of a percentage. but i was told "up to 25%"

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