Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 23rd Meeting Minutes

Here's the minutes from our meeting on Monday. It was a great meeting, but we still have a lot to do and figure out. Please forgive the formatting.

CSULB Cyclists Meeting Minutes: February 23, 2009

Web site discussion (need “clean” website to distribute through school)
Encouraged faculty cyclists to get involved
Sue Brown was mentioned as being in charge of bike lane creation on campus
Connect LA River to San Gabriel
Atherton lanes to be completed by Fall ‘09
Directed to UCI’s website to see their system
Claims bicycle-only (Class-1) paths are coming
Kevin stressed the need to make our voices heard
There are good and bad bicycle facilities, and we want to ensure we get the good ones
We have to get involved in the decision making
Outreach is needed
Smart Cycling
Rules and Responsibilities card
Traffic Skills 101 coming to campus; next class is March 18th
Bike lane Classification
Class-1: Bicycle only path
Class-2: Bicycle lane painted on street
Class-3: A standard street
Race Team
El Dorado Park—Tuesday 4:30 PM
Need young members to keep it going
Sumi Gant – Guest speaker from City of Long Beach planning
I believe her contact is sumigant@longbeach.gov
Make Long Beach “the most bike friendly city in the country”
Race coming up in downtown Long Beach
Bike Station
Bike Racks
Striping and signage
Bike valet
LA River
Power and Electric right-of-way path
Protected bike lanes
Bike Boulevards
Master Plan needs work
Kevin’s Presentation
We need to be at the conception point and create an Advisory Committee
Our platform
Routes people take to school
Orange county (death-trap)

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