Monday, February 16, 2009

Meeting Monday February 23 1:00pm

We will be having a meeting this coming Monday the 23rd in USU 307 between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. We will be discussing various bicycle issues on campus.

On the agenda will be the creation of a Bicycle Master Plan at CSULB, funding and grant writing, the creation of a cycling team on campus, flyer creation, event planning and ride coordination.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

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Max said...

Uhhhg, my names Matthew...I had went to USU looking for the meeting room. I ended up asking the faculty there, and they had told me it was over by LA5. 20minutes to my demise, I never found it and biked a quick, stress-releifed ride to trader joes and back. --just future fyi: the Student Union doesn't know where the monday, bi-monthly meetings are. I'll get a hold of Sasha again to see whats up!

~Keep Riding~ :D !