Friday, December 5, 2008

Your Bike Route

CSULB Cyclists is interested in knowing how you get to school. We would be pleased to learn where you start from and where you go to get here. Yes, we are aware that you may drive at times, let us know about this too. Where do you drive?

Finally, if you don't ride a bike to school tell us what is keeping you from doing so? Safe riding!

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BeatBiker said...

I ride from 3rd and Falcon to get to school. Usually go down 3rd to Ximeno and hang a left. Then a right on 7th and up the small hill until I hang a left onto Bellflower. I continue on Bellflower North and make a right onto Beach Dr. On campus I usually follow beach dr. 'til it turns into Campus drive. I lock my bike up atthe racks between LA5 and LA4. Peace